Who’s Ready for the “Souper” Bowl?

“Souper” Bowl, I mean Super Bowl Sunday is almost here.  You can feel the good vibes in the air.

For past few weeks, our students have been bringing in cans of soup for our “Souper” Bowl Soup Drive.  The soup will be donated to The St. Vincent de Paul Society of St. Clare of Assisi Parish, to help restock their food pantry.

In addition to the soup cans being collected, the students at our lower campus have the option to wear their pajamas to school in exchange for donations or toiletries or socks for two charitable organizations, Friends of Fairview and Home of the Brave.  And the students at our upper campus have the option to wear a color from Head-to-Toe in exchange for donations as well.

The students are excited to come to school dressed in casual clothes instead of wearing their school uniform and they are also excited to give to others.

When they bring in their donations there is a smile on their face, “I have a donation!”  You can sense their excitement as they add their items to the growing group of soup cans or to the bin with the socks and toiletries.

We are helping them make a connection…helping others is a good thing.

Oh, and getting excited about the Super Bowl is a good thing too, Go Eagles!

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